JCMS Web Interface

#1: How do I set JAVA_HOME in Windows?

Setting JAVA_HOME for Windows:

    1. If you haven’t already, download Java 6
    2. Right click on ‘Computer’ in the Start Menu and select ‘Properties’.
    3. On  the left hand side of the screen click ‘Advanced system settings’
    4. Select Environment Variables, and then click new.
    5. For variable name type in JAVA_HOME and Variable value type in the directory where your Java 6 software is located, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\jdk1.6.0_31 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6
    6. Click ‘Ok’

#2: Why am I seeing an Interface Mismatch Error message?

Error Message: JCMS Web – JCMS Version mismatch: Your database JCMS Web version does not match your software version. If your Database JCMS Web Release number is greater than 3.14.0 please upgrade your JCMS Web software. If your database JCMS Web Release number is less than 3.14.0 please upgrade your database using the JCMS Access Installer-Upgrader or the JCMS Web Installer-Upgrader. To check your JCMS Web software version click the About JCMS Web link above.

The JCMS interface and database version may get out of sync when JCMS Access or JCMS Web is installed.  This process upgrades the central JCMS database referenced by both JCMS Access and JCMS Web.

    • If an application mismatch error prevents you from opening JCMS Web, you need to install the latest version of the JCMS Web interface. Download the JCMS Web Installer/Upgrader from here.
    • If you just finished installing JCMS Web, and you try to open JCMS Access and get an application and database mismatch message, download the most recent Access interface and link it to your JCMS database (MySQL).

#3: Why am I getting the error “MySQL JDBC Driver Not Found!” on the JCMS Web Setup page of the JCMS Web Installer?

After downloading jcmsWebInstall.zip from colonymanagement.jax.org, be sure to extract all files from the zipped folder before opening JCMSWebInstaller.jar. You will receive the error below if the files are not extracted from the zipped folder.

Capture JCMS Web was first released June 29th, 2011 (v1.0.0)

  1. JCMS Web has been validated on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. We have experienced some problems on Internet Explorer and do not recommend this browser.
  2. You cannot install JCMS Web into the same directory where you have extracted the zip file.
  3. JCMS Web runs under JBoss 5.1. It requires a 32 bit distribution of Java. It will not run with 64 bit Java.
  4. Jdk v1.6.x is needed to run JCMS Web.
  5. The system variable for JAVA_HOME and JBOSS_HOME need to have their values set.  For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_35 is my value for JAVA_HOME, and C:\Users\pblauth\Desktop\jcmsweb\jcmsJboss is my value for JBOSS_HOME.
  6. The directory location for jcmsJboss cannot have spaces in its path (C:\Users\pblauth\Desktop\jcmsweb\jcmsJboss)

#4: Setting up JCMS Web as a Windows Service: Steps to setup JCMS Web as a Windows service (WINDOWS ONLY):

  • Coordinate a time with your JCMS Web users when you can stop the application server.  Technically, should only take a couple minutes to stop and restart.
  • Using Windows Explorer, local your JCMS Web installation directory.  We recommend installing to C:\jcms or a similar place.
  • Using Windows Explorer open up sub directory ../jcmsJboss/bin/
  • Using your favorite text editor, open file “service.bat”
  • Locate the section starting with text “:cmdStart”

 Here is the section to look for:
REM Executed on service start
del .r.lock 2>&1 | findstr /C:”being used” > nul if not errorlevel 1 (echo Could not continue. Locking file already in use. goto cmdEnd) echo Y > .r.lock jbosssvc.exe -p 1 “Starting %SVCDISP%” > run.log call run.bat -b < .r.lock >> run.log 2>&1 jbosssvc.exe -p 1 “Shutdown %SVCDISP% service” >> run.log del .r.lock goto cmdEnd

  •  Add this text ” -b″, excluding quotes, to the line that starts with “call run.bat”.  There is a space between “run.bat” and “-b”.
  • Save changes
  • Open a command window and change directory to this same directory where you found file “service.bat”
  • From the command window enter this command “service.bat install”
  • Open up Windows services and locate our new service to start JCMS Web called “JBOSS Application Server 6.1”.
  • Edit the properties of this service and change the StartupType to “Automatic”
  • Start the service manually or reboot the PC to test starting it up automatically

Now JCMS Web application server automatically starts up anytime the Windows box reboots.