JCMS MS Access Upgrader

1.  I just upgraded JCMS and we have multiple users. What do I do for the user versions?

If you upgraded from a version prior to 4.3, all clients need to run the OCX installer. The colony management FAQs web page, tip # 10, includes the OCX installer download.

If the interface file (JCMS.mdb) is installed on multiple clients and not installed only on a server, copy the upgraded interface (usual location C:\ Program Files\The Jackson Laboratory\JAX-CMS\interface\JCMS.mdb) to the other clients, replacing the old version.

2.  I got an “Access is denied” error message when I tried to upgrade.

The fix:  right click on the ‘The Jackson Laboratory’ folder (default location is  C:\Program Files\The Jackson Laboratory).
select ‘properties’.
select ‘security’ tab.
select group ‘TrustedInstaller’ and change permissions to full control.  Apply/OK.
select group ‘Administrators’ and change permissions to full control.  Apply/OK.
select group ‘Users’ and change permissions to allow ‘Modify’ or ‘Full Control’.  Apply/OK.
Upgrader will now work as designed.

3.  I got an “Error in undoing upgrade” message.

The backup version of your database was given a name similar to 20120109_162056_JCMS_db.mdb (note the random sequence of numbers will be different from this example.) Rename it to JCMS_db.mdb. If no backup version can be found, then your original database has not been changed.

The same name change was done to create a backup of your original interface (JCMS.mdb).

All the files have also been copied to a folder named JCMS-20120109_162056 (the same random numbers used to rename the interface and database).

 4.  My upgrade appeared to fail, with the error message “LinkTable: Dao exception: Object ‘Allele’ already exists.”  What happened?

Basically what happened is that the database was upgraded successfully, but the last step to link a few tables from the interface file to the database did not finish.  There are many reasons why this could happen. All you need to do to complete the upgrade, is to perform the following:

(MS Access 2007 instructions):
Close the upgrade utility.
Open the interface file \JCMS.mdb.
At the Welcome Screen hit the F11 button.
Find the Tables section in the Access Objects list to the left.
Highlight all the linked tables and delete them.
Click the External Data Tab at the top.
Click Access Icon.
Select Link to data source ….
Set filename \JCMS_db.mdb   Click OK.  Select all tables.  Click OK.
Close JCMS and restart.