JCMS Web – New Installations

For a JCMS Web software demo, please click here. Username: jcms  Password: jcms

The JCMS Web application is a user interface to a JCMS MySQL database. The current release does not include all the functionality of the JCMS Access interface, however, it provides:

  • Creating ad-hoc queries of mice and mating data (you can also save and recall queries);
  • Cage card creation interface;
  • Pedigree tracking functionality;
  • Mouse scheduling with calendar view;
  • Reports (cage use, colony summary, weaning with calendar view);
  • Basic colony management functions: add mouse, edit mouse, list mice, add matings, edit matings, add litter with pups, edit litter, genotyping;
  • User administration (add users to workgroups); 
  • Controlled vocabulary and setup variable administration.
  • Dashboard (cage histogram, mouse histogram, strain viability, Kaplan Meier charts);
  • Sample tracking;
  • Experiment data;

Installing the JCMS Web interface will not affect the way your current Microsoft Access JCMS interface works with the MySQL data. That will remain the same. If you are a new user, you do not have to install a JCMS Access interface. JCMS Web may be used stand-alone, or you may install both interfaces. Click here for the complete Installation Guide for JCMS Web

  • A new user wanting to use both interfaces should download and run the JCMS Access Installer-Upgrader first (download here) followed by downloading and running the JCMS Web Installer-Upgrader, selecting the NEW option.
  • If you have an existing JCMS Access interface and are installing JCMS Web, download and run the JCMS Web Installer-Upgrader selecting the UPGRADE option. This will setup both interfaces to use the same MySQL data.
  • To install and use only the JCMS Web interface, download and run the JCMS Web Installer-Upgrader selecting the NEW option.

In order to use the web application you need:

  • To be using MySQL as your backend database. If you do not have MySQL, you can download it here.
  • Have sufficient rights to install an application server on your local machine
  • If you are not using MySQL as your back end database, go here to convert your MS Access database to  MySQL.
  • Java 6 – JCMS Web is not compatible with Java 7 so Java 6 will need to be downloaded and installed.
    • Windows: Download here.
    • Mac: Download here.
  • JAVA_HOME environment variable configured properly pointing to Java 6 directory:
    • Windows: Instructions here.

You can download the JCMS Web Installer/Upgrader, v3.14.0 (released 5/15/15), here.

Minimum system requirements are here
View the JCMS Web Quick Start Instructions here.
More information on JCMS Web can be found in the comprehensive user guide.

Please provide your input and feedback on the JCMS user forum
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