JCMS Access – Upgrade Existing

JCMS Access Interface Upgrader for MySQL database

The JCMS Access Interface Upgrader will upgrade previous versions of JCMS Access to v6.1.9 (released 5/28/15).

If you have a JCMS Access release prior to version 6.1.9 with a MySQL database currently in use, you can upgrade your JCMS Access version by following the steps below.

  1. Download the Installer/Upgrader utility for JCMS Access.
  2. Double click the installer to install the upgrade utility on your machine.
  3. Double click the JCMS Upgrader-Installer icon on your desktop, and follow the instructions in the JCMS Upgrader-Installer guide, which will also be available on your desktop.
  4. Download the Installer/Upgrader utility for JCMS Access here (JCMS Access interface supported on MS Access 2007 and 2010)

*It’s always a good idea to backup and save your existing JCMS Access interface and database files, prior to replacement.

JCMS Access Interface Upgrader for MS Access database

**Please keep in mind that the MS Access back-end is not used after version 4.6.0. To get the latest release of JCMS Access, convert your database to MySQL by using the JCMS Access to MySQL conversion tool, which can be downloaded here.

The JCMS Access Upgrader for MS Access database upgrades previous versions of JCMS Access to v4.6.0 or v3.4.3

JCMS MS Access Upgrader instructions

If you have earlier versions of JCMS Access installed, you can upgrade to version 4.6.0 or 3.4.3 by using the upgrade utility. This utility will backup and upgrade your current installation to version 4.6.0 or 3.4.3 with no loss of data.

  1. Close JCMS Access if open. 
  2. If you had installed a previous version of the Upgrader, select uninstall/remove from Control Panel.
  3. Download and install the Upgrader by running the Microsoft Installer file (select the Download link above).
  4. The upgrade utility will be installed where you choose.
  5. You can run the upgrade utility from the desktop or from the folder where you installed it. Your data will be backed up as well as your previous installation of JCMS Access.
  6. After installing the upgrade utility, the software will be automatically invoked, and you will see the screen:


To upgrade your installation:

  1. Set permissions for Users and “TrustedInstaller” to full control. 
  2. Use the first Browse button to find your working copy of JCMS.mdb. This file is in the folder C:\Program Files\The Jackson Laboratory\JAX-CMS\interface, by default.
  3. If the upgrader cannot find the JCMS_db.mdb file, you will need to select the folder where it resides by clicking the second Browse button, and navigating to its folder. This file is in the folder C:\Program Files\The Jackson Laboratory\JAX-CMS\database, by default.
  4. Finally, click Upgrade. All your files will be backed up. Your new installation will have all your data intact.
  5. If you have multiple users, go to ‘Help with multi-user upgrades’ on the Upgrader FAQ page.