The Jackson Laboratory would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the following institutions in making the development and distribution of this software possible:

  • National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) (Grant number: 2R01GM072863-05A1)
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) (Grant number: P30 CA034196-20)
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute

And the following staff at The Jackson Laboratory:

Technical Team: Scientific Advisory:
  • Martha Abbott
  • Michael Amato
  • Abigail Ames
  • Chuck Donnelly
  • Craig Hanna
  • Michael McFarland
  • Kavitha┬áRama
  • Danielle Ruby
  • Beth Sundberg
  • Carol Bult
  • Gary Churchill
  • Simon John
  • Derry Roopenian
  • Olga Savinova
  • Tom Sproule
  • Larry Wilson