The Jackson Laboratory’s Colony Management System (JCMS) is a multi-user relational database management system supporting concurrent user access for managing animal colonies in a research environment.

Since its initial release in 1999, JCMS has been widely used within The Jackson Laboratory and adopted world-wide by a numerous research institutions.  The JCMS user group currently includes over 4,500 subscribers.  JCMS functionality is community driven. JCMS consists of two complementary applications: JCMS Access and JCMS Web. Both can be used together on the same MySQL™ database. JCMS Access includes the full suite of functionality, but only runs on a PC computer and requires Microsoft Access™ to be installed on the computer.  JCMS Web runs on any modern web browser and can be installed to run on Windows™,  LINUX™, or Macintosh™ computers. Both applications can be download an installed for FREE.  

Some of the salient features that JCMS offers are:

  • Web interfaces available for basic colony management functions
  • Tracking animal status
  • Line viability monitoring
  • Tracking of animal pedigree
  • Cage card printing
  • Colony status reports
  • Mouse-room work reports
  • Genotype logging
  • Creating mating records
  • Tracking plug dates
  • Creating litter records
  • Animal pen management
  • Experimental data tracking
  • Bulk data entry
  • Advanced database queries
  • Comprehensive mouse sample tracking
  • Support for handheld devices

Community support is available via GitHub and we do announcements through the jaxcms listserv.

The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME

The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME